It is a well-known fact that quality starts with the design. From the moment the concept is first developed until the time that the prototypes are shipped, Premium follows quality procedures that are carefully drawn up to ensure product performance under any working condition throughout its expected service life. This includes numerous simulations and tests.

Prototypes are fully tested before shipping. While the customer is doing its own tests on shipped units, our Quality Control Department is conducting accelerated ageing tests of an additional unit under full-load conditions and at high temperature.

Because the final controls are the tests, we have given a great deal of importance to equipping the R&D Department with everything it needs to ensure product quality of the finished units, including instruments which undergo a stringent calibration plan to perform:

Electrical Testing

Based on the use of generators, electronic loads, oscilloscopes, multimeters, etc.

Climatic Testing

Performed in an environmental test chamber (-40ºC to +100ºC) with data loggers, plus accelerated ageing tests in an environmental test chamber.

Electric Safety

Insulating and dielectric strength tests to ensure compliance with the Safety Directive.

EMC Testing

Electromagnetic compatibility, whether emission or immunity, and conducted interference tests using antennas, receivers, spectrum analyzer, EMT chamber (up to 20 V/m and 1 GHz) and other specific instruments to ensure compliance with the EMC Directive.

We also perform tests and provide reports from outside laboratories when test specificity is needed.

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