The same approach toward quality is shown in continuous design for manufacture, where carefully written procedures are also followed so that products are manufactured according to a strict quality assurance policy. This includes numerous preventive measures, controls and tests.

Preventive measures include the implementation of an antistatic circuit that covers from raw material reception up to packing and shipping, including assembly and verification lines, in order to prevent possible failures in hard-to-diagnose components.

Control testing starts with the inspection of incoming raw materials and continues throughout the production line, verifying all aspects not normally inspected in later stages.

Automation improves quality, as it enhances product uniformity while also reducing the possibility of human error.

The most important test is electric verification, since it ensures proper product operation before storage or shipping. To handle this task, the Testing Department is equipped with various automatic test units that are regularly calibrated according to a strict schedule.

PREMIUM also has a temperature-controlled, burn-in room where the product is exposed to maximum load capacity under harsh conditions for several hours to induce failure whenever a latent defect exists.

After burn-in, the product is fully retested and a report is printed with the most representative measurements obtained during the testing sequence and later enclosed with the unit.

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